Samurai beauty is an interesting game that gamers can get at novomatic. A game that shows the beautiful power of a samurai woman. There will be many advantages that gamers can get when playing samurai beauty. Samurai is a famous name in Japan. A great swordsman with strong sword techniques.

Most samurai came from great and strong men. But did you know that samurai can also be used for women. Not only men but women can also become samurai. Her beautiful face with a charming appearance is able to make people not believe that a beautiful woman from Japan is a samurai.

Profit and luck

Asimovhumanists – This game which has 5 reels and 3 rows brings a lot of unexpected luck. The types of wins that gamers get can be varied and free. 4 progressive jackpots are ready to give gamers a lot of unexpected wins. When the samurai beauty widens the symbol, gamers will get a lot of benefits and luck.

The game that will offer a gong. Gong which will give a lot of treasures and game jackpots that gamers can take home. The female samurai went wild. Which female samurai will give an unexpected twist in the game samurai beauty. Samurai Beauty also has a scatter that sounds loud and loud.

Game symbols

Gong becomes a scatter in the samurai beauty game, if you get 6 or more of the same marks, you will get free spins and spin locks. In the spin lock, gamers will get 4 unexpected winning jackpots such as: mini, minor, major, and grand. This samurai-themed game will show several magnificent buildings with the sound of calm water.

beautiful sword technique//Jepang

To get to know the symbol more closely, you can press game info. There will be a lot of information that gamers can get such as the value, number of symbols, and how to get unexpected wins that gamers can get. To find out more, the following symbols will be known by gamers such as: cherry blossoms, bongsai tree, 2 swords, samurai women, gong coins, Japanese knight masks, and remy card signs [A, K, Q, J, and number 10].

Passion to win

The blaring sound of the game accompanied by the sound of a strong gong can raise the spirit of gamers. An interesting game has managed to make gamers curious and want to play it until they are satisfied. Types of games that use real money bets also offer a strong spin lock.

To be able to activate the spin lock, gamers must get the same 6 symbols. The symbol is a gong. When you successfully activate the spin lock the screen will stop spinning. The only thing that rotates is the screen that is not hit by the gong. The stop screen does not mean the game is over when you get the spin lock.

Game auto button

Instead the screen will rotate and will only issue the value of the gong and the game jackpot. If gamers get 4 jackpots or one of them during the spin lock, gamers will get a very extraordinary winning value. In this samurai beauty game also has an automatic game.

The type of game that gamers can choose in manual or automatic. If you choose automatic, gamers only need to place the desired bet value. Then pressing the start button automatically then the screen will rotate on its own without the gamer having to press the button again. The screen will continue to spin and give the gamer victory without the gamer having to press the button.

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