The more advanced the era, the more technology that continues to be present. Likewise with companies from mobile phones. Various kinds of cellphones keep coming incessantly. There are many variants of the latest cellphones that we can find at several cellphone counters. Many mobile phone companies are launching the latest mobile products, including the latest folding phones.

As we know, many mobile phone companies are trying to provide the latest mobile phone output. High competitiveness makes entrepreneurs continue to make the best innovations in folding phones. Various types of folding phones from mobile phone companies keep coming incessantly. Previously, folding cellphones had experienced a setback in the cellphone industry.

The presence of mobile phones with the latest innovations

Asimovhumanists – This setback made folding phones disappear from circulation. It took a long time to be able to make folding phones appear again in the midst of hectic android phones. The first version of the foldable phone comes using a battery with a small and unique shape. Because of the uniqueness of folding cellphones, cellphone companies are trying new innovations.

The new innovation is in the form of a wide and foldable screen. A folding phone that has been transformed into an android phone with a full screen and can be folded. The emergence of the new version of the folding cellphone has made many people curious and want to try programming the cellphone. It doesn’t stop there, seeing the presence of a new folding cellphone model with a screen that can be closed has inspired other cellphone companies to be inspired to make folding cellphones with cooler versions.

folding phone
foldable and clear screen//folding phone

Mobile phone company that released the latest version

It’s not just one folding phone that has succeeded in making a lot of people. But many folding phones are also launching and creating a commotion in the news world and among the public. With its unique and sophisticated shape, many people are willing to spend a lot of money to be able to get the latest folding cellphone.

The latest foldable cellphones are presented by several well-known company names and who already have a lot of trust in the cellphone world. The following are the names of the mobile phone companies that issued the latest folding phones, namely:

– Oppo

An android phone that makes a folding cell phone in the form of a box. In mama, the model can be folded. Oppo Find N has a unique feature, namely: it has a front screen measuring 7.1 inches and the back is a hood. Cap filled with chips. Mobile phone models that charge fast and don’t take long.

– Samsung

Foldable cell phone that is boxy and small. A phone that has a screen that is 6.7 inches long. This small cellphone that has a gorilla glass vistus layer has a strong texture with memory that does not use a micro SD. The name of the phone is galaxy Z fold G.

– Huawei

Mobile phones that have a screen size of 8 inches when the screen is still intact. When bent the screen will measure 6.6 inches. A cellphone that has a cool camera feature with a folding that leads to the front. Huawei mate X cellphone which has a fairly large storage.

– Motorola

Motorola was the pioneer of the first folding cell phone and succeeded in making many cellphone companies release folding phones. Now Motorola has also issued a foldable phone version that is no less interesting than other cellphones. Motorola Razr a mobile phone that has a 6.2-inch screen.

– Xiomei

Released an android version that has been successful so that it also releases a folding phone that is no less interesting. Xiomei mi mix foldable full screen measuring 8.2 inches.

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